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德國製造  直接進口香港

The LOW-ODOR silicone sealant for natural stone 

低氣味玻璃膠 天然石材專用

OTTO CHEMIES' sealing / adhesive application
OTTO CHEMIES' sealing / adhesive application



  • Low odor, hence has minimal or no strong odors, helpful for individuals sensitive to strong smells or those who are looking to avoid the smell of traditional sealants.

  • Non-staining on marble, limestone, sandstone or granite.because it is compatible with natural stone in accordance with ISO 16938-1 (This ISO document specifies a method for determining the staining of porous substrates such as marble, limestone, sandstone or granite by sealants used in building construction. The method evaluates the likelihood of a sealant causing an early stain on a porous substrate due to exudation of materials from the sealant.) 

  • Features a special collection of 20 color designs, including:

  • 4 matt sanded finishing color designs specially designed for aesthetically matching matt and cementitious joint surfaces, and such colors are matt sanded concrete grey, matt sanded jasmin, matt sanded old white, matt sanded sanitary grey;

  • 8 matt-finished color designs: matt anthracite, matt anthracite grey, matt bahamabeige, matt black, matt jasmin, matt manhattan, matt sanitary grey, and matt white; 

  • 8 gloss color designs: anthracite, anthracite grey, bahamabeige, light-grey, manhattan, sanitary grey, transparent, and white.

  • Contains fungicides to resist mould infestation (Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 3: S). 

  • Excellent resistant to weathering, ageing and UV. 

  • Long-lasting indoor and outdoor applications.

  • ISEGA-tested and certified ensuring safety for use in food-related area. (ISEGA is recognized by regulagtory authorities througout Europe and is considered to be the mark of quality and safety for materials and products used in the food industry.)

OTTO CHEMIE sealants / adhesives product photo


  • 低氣味,即氣味極小或沒有強烈氣味。

  • 保證不會在天然石材上造成任何遷移染色(根據 ISO 16938-1 與天然石材兼容)。是大理石、石灰石、砂岩、花崗岩此等天然石最優質之密封膠選擇。

  • 具有 20 種顏色設計的特別系列,包括:

  • 4 種啞光磨砂面顏色設計,專為美觀匹配的啞光和水泥接合面而設計,有啞光磨砂面水泥灰色、啞光磨砂面茉莉花色、啞光磨砂面復古白色、啞光磨砂面衛生灰色 ;

  • 8 種啞光色面設計,有啞光面炭黑色、啞光面炭灰色、啞光面巴拿馬風格米色、啞光面黑色、啞光面茉莉花色、啞光面曼哈頓色、啞光面衛生灰色、及啞光面白色 ;

  • 8 種光澤色面設計,有炭黑色、炭灰色、巴拿馬風格米色、淺灰色、曼哈頓色、衛生灰色、透明色及白色。

  • 含殺菌劑以抵抗黴菌侵擾。(根據 EN 15651 - 第 3 部分:S 進行測試)

  • 高度耐候、耐老化、抗紫外線。

  • 室內外效用持久。

  • 經德國認証機構ISEGA 測試及認證確保在食品相關領域使用安全。(ISEGA 認証機構在整個歐洲得到監管櫟構認可,被認為是食品行業所使用的材料和產品的質量和安全的標梽。)

With Quality Standards from Europe - Highlights

合符歐洲質量標準 - 此產品特有

  1. Tested according to ISO 16938-1 of SKZ Würzburg (Testing for migratory staining of sealants on natural stone) ;

  2. Quality seal of the IVD (Industrial association for sealants, registered society), tested by the ift Rosenheim (Institute of window engineering, registered society) ;

  3. EMICODE® EC 1 Plus - very low emission ;

  4. Declaration of no objection – tested for use in food-related area (ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg, Germany)

With Quality Standards from Europe - MORE

合符歐洲質量標準 - 更多

  1. CE-certified: EN15651-1, EN15651-3, EN15651-4, 1 component silicone sealant, neutral curing for application in the facade, for application in sanitary areas, for pedestrian walkways ; 

  2. Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 1: F EXT-INT CC 25  ; 

  3. Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 3: S ; 

  4. Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 4: PW EXT-INT 12.5 E  ;

  5. Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 3-1+3-2+9+14+23+25+27+30+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants) ; 

  6. According to regulation (EG) no. 1907/2006 (REACH) ;

  7. French VOC-emission class A+ ;

  8. Declaration in "baubook" Austria ;

  9. Classification according to building certification systems, see the sustainability data sheet ;

  10. Tested fire behaviour in accordance with EN 13501: class E

Color chart of this sealant / adhesive
Color Chart or property info of this sealant / adhesive
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