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德國製造  直接進口香港

Parquet joint sealant, silicone-free (DIN 18356)

鑲木地板填縫膠, 無矽(DIN 歐洲標準)

Germany's OTTOSEAL floor sealant series application
Germany's OTTOSEAL floor sealant series application

Can be painted over
Can be sanded, polished
A variety of wood tones and parquet colors

Germany's OTTOSEAL floor sealant series


  • 1-component acrylate sealant for indoor. 

  • Ideal joint sealant: for parquet, laminate floors, wooden floor boards and cork floors; for floor and skirting boards, door sills and other structural components; for repair joints on wood. 

  • Protects the wood joints from penetrating moisture and thus prevents irreparable swelling of the wood. 

  • Seals uneven areas and thus prevents dirt and vermin from penetrating behind the skirting board.


  • 用於室內的單組分丙烯酸酯密封膠。

  • 專為鑲木地板、複合地板、木地板和軟木地板接縫之密封膠;同時適用於地板和踢腳板、門檻和其他結構部件;亦可修復木縫。

  • 保護木縫免受水分滲透,以減低膨脹風險。

  • 把不平處密封,以防灰塵和害蟲從背後滲透踢腳板。

With Quality Standards from Europe - Highlights

合符歐洲質量標準 - 此產品特有

  1. No interactions with commercially available parquet coatings.

  2. Silicone-free according to DIN 18356 {German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Laying of parquet flooring and wood block flooring}

With Quality Standards from Europe - MORE

合符歐洲質量標準 - 更多

  1. Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 8+12+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)

  2. Classification according to building certification systems, see the sustainability data sheet

  3. French VOC-emission class A+

Germany's OTTOSEAL floor sealants color charts
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