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Global Reference of OTTOSEAL Sealants Application



意大利 South Tyrol

Hotel Palace Merano, Italy

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠應用在梅拉諾宮酒店浴室及泳池。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used in the baths and pools of Hotel Palace Merano.

Hotel Palace Merano, renowned for its elegance, wellness facilities, and impeccable service, is a luxurious five-star hotel located in Merano, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps.

奧地利 Salzburg

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, Austria

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein - surrounded by castle grounds of more than 14,000 m2, directly on Mönchsberg mountain Mozart’s city of Salzburg – is arguably the most breathtaking city hotel in the world. The estate, existed since 1350, and converted into a castle hotel in 1948, is not only a culturally significant sight in Salzburg; it is also a romantic castle hotel with luxurious rooms and suites at the absolute peak of the Austrian hotel industry.

Hotel_schloss monchstein

度身訂造的OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠顏色,配合了Hotel Schloss Mönchstein 所用的Untersberg大理石顏色

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant color was custom-made specifically to match and joint with more than 480 m2 of Untersberg marble used during conversion and renovation of Mönchstein castle hotel.

S70_Vienna, Palais Coburg

奧地利 Vienna

Palais Coburg, Austria

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠用在奢華酒店Palais Coburg砂岩間的填縫。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used for grouting of the sandstone of Palais Coburg.

The Palais Coburg is a historic palace located in Vienna, Austria. It is renowned for its architectural beauty and serves as a luxury hotel and event venue. 

德國 Markburg

VILA VITA Rosenpark, Germany

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠用於密封大理石石材游泳池和桑拿房的伸縮縫和連接縫。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used to seal the expansion and connection joints in the marble stone swimming pool and sauna.

VILA VITA Rosenpark is a luxury hotel located in Marburg, Germany. Situated in a serene park setting and surrounded by a picturesque environment, the hotel offers a tranquil atmosphere. Within walking distance, guests can explore notable attractions such as Marburger Schloss (Marburg Castle), Old Town Marburg, Botanischer Garten Marburg (Botanical Garden), Elisabethkirche (St. Elizabeth's Church) renowned for its stunning architecture featuring intricate details and beautiful stained glass windows, and Marburger Universitätsmuseum für Kulturgeschichte (University Museum of Cultural History).

Andromeda Palm Court_s70
Andromeda Palm Court S70

以色列 Tel Aviv

Andromeda Hill Hotel, Israel

Andromeda Hill 酒店外牆採用天然石材,建造時使用了 OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠進行密封。酒店位於地中海沿岸,長期受到海風、海水腐蝕以及鹽分的影響,夏季非常炎熱,日照時間較長,意味著長期的高溫和強烈的陽光曝曬。然而,時至今日,OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠的黏附力能經得起時間考驗,依然在最惡劣的環境條件下內斂、低調地表現得如初般出色。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used to seal the Andromeda Hill Hotel's natural stone facade when the hotel was built. The sealant is unobtrusive and adheres just as well today as it did then and does so despite all the natural stresses like salt air, high temperatures and UV radiation under the most adverse circumstances. 

Compared with the 5,000 years of history boasted by the area around the Andromeda Hill Hotel near the ancient harbour in Jaffa, the 20 years of the hotel itself are of course a drop in the ocean. But they are further interesting proof that OTTO sealants keep their promises even under the most adverse circumstances. The Andromeda Hill Hotel and its natural stone facade blend in perfectly with the historic environment.

德國 Berlin

Hotel Adlon, Germany

Hotel Adlon is a prestigious five-star hotel located in Berlin, Germany. It is situated near the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the Unter den Linden boulevard. The hotel has a rich history dating back to 1907 when it first opened. After being damaged during World War II, Hotel Adlon was rebuilt to replicate the iconic facade and architectural features of its predecessor, paying homage to its historical significance. Since then, the hotel has undergone updates and improvements to ensure it meets modern standards of luxury and comfort while preserving its historic charm.

S70_Hotel Adlon

Adlon 酒店的天然石材外牆,以及酒店浴室的伸縮縫和連接縫,都用上了OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used for sealing and grouting of the natural stone exterior façade of Hotel Adlon, as well as the expansion and connection joints in the bathrooms.


澳地利 Salzburg

Red Bull Hangar-7, Austria

OTTOSEAL S70 用於Red Bull Hangar-7 地面黑色天然石材的接縫。

OTTOSEAL S70 was used for the joints of the black natural stones of the ground of Red Bull Hangar-7.

Red Bull Hangar-7 is owned by Red Bull GmbH, the Austrian energy drink company known for its involvement in various extreme sports and sponsorships. It is housed in a stunning architectural masterpiece located at Salzburg Airport in Austria. The building itself is a blend of sleek modern design and innovative engineering. Its striking glass and steel structure creates a visually impressive and futuristic appearance.

保加利亞 Melnik

Villa Melnik Winery, Bulgaria

Villa Melnik Winery is a well-regarded winery located in the Melnik region of Bulgaria. While it may not be widely known on a global scale, it has gained recognition and popularity within the Bulgarian wine industry and among wine enthusiasts.  
Moreover, it can also be a wedding venue with  picturesque landscapes, vineyards and stone-built rustic charm of the building as an enchanting backdrop.


OTTOSEAL S70 應用於Melnik 別墅酒莊內天然石材建築的填縫。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used for grouting the natural stone of the stone building of Villa Melnik Winery. 


法國 Paris

Real Marbre SAS, France

Real Marbre SAS has established itself as a medium sized company in natural stone processing. It specialises in luxury real estate projects for prestigious clients such as L'Oreal, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Its headquarters and showroom are in the centre of Paris. 

Manuel Soares, its owner and CEO: "Our company specialises in luxury projects. Our customers rightly expect all-round design, flawless quality and perfect aesthetics. We have often carried out special projects with special colours, such as in the construction of the Tour Ariane in the La
Defense business district with Stone Italiana products. It was very important to the customer Petraccone-Voda to select the right shade and we were obliged to really deliver on time. OTTO presented us with the special colour within a few days and were also able to deliver it in just two
weeks. We subsequently acquired our standard products from OTTO."

Real Marbre SAS 的執行長解釋了他使用 OTTOSEAL S70 的原因:此產品在室內外都能實現地板和牆壁的接縫。OTTOSEAL S70 於施工過程中非常易於操作和使用(在擠壓和平滑方面),因此令安裝時省下不少時間。更重要的是 OTTOSEAL S70 的凝膜速度在夏季和冬季都十分理想。

The CEO of Real Marbre SAS explained why he used OTTOSEAL S70: We are able to realise floor and wall joints with this product, both indoors and outdoors. And we gain a lot of time in installation thanks to its excellent processability – in extrusion and smoothing. Our staff swear by OTTOSEAL S70, the skin formation speed is ideal in summer and winter.

英國 London

One Eagle Place, UK

OTTOSEAL S70 "sandstone beige" 顏色的密封膠用於密封 One Eagle Place 波特蘭石立面的木質鋁窗。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant in "sandstone beige" was used for sealing the wooden aluminum windows in the Portland stone facade of One Eagle Place.

One Eagle Place is part of the £100 million St James’s Gateway redevelopment in London. Designed by Eric Parry Architects, One Eagle Place is a modern building known for its distinctive and striking design. The exterior features a combination of glass, stone, and metal finishes, creating a contemporary and visually appealing aesthetic. Window installation is taken care by Schindler Fenster + Fassaden GmbH, a Germany-based company specialized in the production and installation of windows and facades.


Occupying the site of the former Chelsea College of Art, HENRY MOORE COURT comprises 15 luxury apartments and two town houses.

英國 London



OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used in the expansion joints in the outside area of HENRY MOORE COURT.

英國 London

Cheyne Terrace, UK

The  residential project was developed for Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the sixth Duke of West-minster and, with an estimated net worth of 8.3 billion euros, the richest aristocrat of the United Kingdom. 

外部區域伸縮縫的品質不容忽視。就在Kings Road轉角處,豪華公寓大樓Cheyne Terrace 使用了OTTOSEAL S70 密封,該公寓大樓擁有25 間公寓,所有公寓均配有露台和陽台,當然還有水療中心、健身區、游泳池和禮賓服務。

The quality of expansion joints in the outside area are not left to chance. Just around the corner, on Kings Road, OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used in the luxury apartment block Cheyne Terrace with its 25 apartments, all with errac-es and balconies, and of course a spa, fitness area, swimming pool and concierge. 


設於52樓的游泳池,使用了 OTTOSEAL S18,而在所有酒吧區、香檳吧和酒店浴室,就使用了 OTTOSEAL S70。

The joint specialist Colin Hawkins used OTTOSEAL S18 in the swimming pool on the 52nd floor and OTTOSEAL S70 in all bar areas, the champagne bar and the hotel bathrooms.

英國 London

The Shard, UK

The the iconic Shard skyscraper, which is the tallest building in the United Kingdom offering breathtaking views of the city's skyline. Shard is in the district of Southwark. It is 310 metres high and was opened on 1 February 2013. Directly beneath the spire, there is a viewing gallery, beneath this are ten wickedly expensive luxury apartments, an equally expensive five star hotel owned by the Asian Shangri-La Hotels Group (Shangri-La means ‘paradise’), restaurants, exhibition rooms, offi ces with conservatories and a retail area. 

阿拉伯聯合猶長國 Dubai

Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

On January 4th 2010 in Dubai the "Burj Khalifa", the highest building in the world, was officially opened. The incredible 830-metre tower, on which up to 12,000 workers were working at peak times, houses the  world's first Armani hotel, 779 apartments as well as offices and a viewing platform with a terrace. The expertise of numerous German specialist firms was utilised both for building it and for the interior construction. Including OTTO. 

Burj Khalifa

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠定制了專為配合Burj Khalifa 木地板和天然石材的顏色,從而使接縫效果達致完美。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant color was custom-made specifically for filling the connecting joints of the wooden floors and the natural stone of Burj Khalifa with technical perfection and in the right color.


英國 London

Francis Crick Institute, UK

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠用於Francis Crick研究所的實驗室。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used in the laboratories of Francis Crick Institute.

Francis Crick Institute is the largest biomedical research centre in Europe housing an alliance of six leading medical and educational researchers in the UK. It boasts state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced research technologies, and specialized facilities that support a wide range of research disciplines. 


Millenia Tower, Singapore

Millenia Tower is a prominent commercial building located in the Marina Centre area of Singapore. It is a high-rise tower that serves as a prestigious business address and houses various offices and corporate headquarters.

OTTOSEAL S70 密封膠用於新加坡 Millenia 大廈花崗岩與花崗岩之間的所有伸縮縫的灌漿。

OTTOSEAL S70 sealant was used for grouting all expansion joints from granite to granite of Millenia Tower of Singapore.

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