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Direct import to HK 

德國製造  直接進口香港

PU adhesive, super strong bond, fast curing

超強PU膠 快乾 多種材質黏合用

OTTO CHEMIES' sealing / adhesive application
OTTO CHEMIES' sealing / adhesive application



  • Extremely strong bond of material surfaces: wood, wooden materials, plastics, metal, mineral substrates; insulating boards (such as insulating boards made of polystyrene, PVC, PU, etc.); stone, natural stone, ceramics; window sills, floor strips, decorative strips and stairs. 

  • Its foaming and gap-bridging properties can compensate slight unevenness. 

  • Compatible with natural stone and does not cause greasy deposits on natural stone. 

  • Grindable and paintable after curing. 

  • For indoor and outdoor application.

OTTO CHEMIE sealants / adhesives product photo


  • 強效黏合材料表面: 實木、木材、塑膠、金屬、礦物材面;絕緣板(如由聚苯乙烯、PVC、PU等製成之絕緣板);石頭、天然石材、陶瓷;窗台、地板條、裝飾條和樓梯。

  • 當材料有輕微凹凸不平出現, OTTOCOLL P85發泡和彌合間隙特性可作出相應處理。

  • 天然石材兼容, 不會在天然石頭上造成油膩沉積物。

  • OTTOCOLL P85固化後可以磨和塗漆。

  • 室內外適用。

With Quality Standards from Europe - Highlights

合符歐洲質量標準 - 此產品特有

  1. Tested according to DIN EN 204-D4 (Classification of thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications) weathering resistant bonding for wood and derived wood products by the ift Rosenheim, Germany (institute for window techniques) 

  2. Tested according to DIN EN 14257 (WATT 91) i.e. Adhesives - Wood adhesives - Determination of tensile strength of lap joints at elevated temperature (WATT'91) - Bonding strength of sealants for wood and derived wood products (ift Rosenheim, Germany)

With Quality Standards from Europe - MORE

合符歐洲質量標準 - 更多

  1. Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 30+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants) ; 

  2. Conform to LEED® v3 IEQ-credits 4.1 adhesives and sealants ; French VOC-emission class A+ 

Color chart of this sealant / adhesive
Color Chart or property info of this sealant / adhesive
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