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The German company OTTO CHEMIE stands for uncompromising quality since 1881. They are professional manufacturers of sealants and adhesives, long trusted by the industry in Europe. We are honored to be its official distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. (Famous brands include OTTOSEAL, OTTOCOLL and OTTOFLEX.)

德國 OTTO CHEMIE專業出品玻璃膠, 填縫膠, 密封膠及粘合膠,自1881年始便以優越質量著稱,一直深受歐洲業界信賴。本公司Festive Decor榮幸能從德國直接引入OTTO CHEMIE產品(著名品牌包括 OTTOSEAL、OTTOCOLL 和 OTTOFLEX),負責在香港和澳門地區分銷,為 OTTO CHEMIE 特約經銷商。

Quality Made-In-Germany  | 

德國製造  直接進口香港

Direct import to HK 

Expansion joints sealing in facades 密封外牆伸縮縫

Sealing of expansion joints in facades


Sealing of swimming pool. 密封游泳池

Sealing of swimming pool


Bathroom mirror sealing. 浴室玻璃密封

Bathroom mirror sealing


Sealing of joints on facades and metal constructions. 密封金屬結構

Sealing of joints on facades and metal constructions


Food area needs adhesives safe to health. 食品領域需要對健康安全的黏合膠

Bonding of food-related areas and bonding of varnished glass


Reliable sealing of expansion joints in bathroom. 浴室伸縮縫密封耐用

Reliable sealing of expansion joints in bathroom 


Sealing joints on parquet, laminate, wooden and cork floors. 鑲木地板、層壓板、木地板和軟木地板填縫耐用

Joints on parquet, laminate, wooden and cork floors


Joints sealing in high mechanical or chemical stressed floors.專為人流量大或兼有重型機械運作之地面而設的填縫膠

Joints sealing in high mechanical or chemical stressed floors.


Choose the Sealant that 

makes a Difference




We, FDcd, (Festive Decor Commercial Display Ltd.), bring to you the superb sealing and bonding products from Germany as a HK distributor. We have been in the decorative business since 2008, well-aware of the aesthetic quality demanded by professional designers and the practicability of product application as accumulated by site experience of ourselves and end customers' stories. Our first encounter with OTTO CHEMIE is its awesome colorful sealants for design, and impressed with its uncompromising performance quality of each dedicated sealant and adhesive products. And most importantly, as a long-established German manufacturer in the industry, the product safety and professionalism of OTTO CHEMIE  is well-trusted. There are more than hundred of construction material products produced by OTTO CHEMIE. We are here to introduce to Hong Kong and Macau a collection of popular sealants and adhesives that you might find useful.  Otherwise, you could also make use of the application assistant at the website of OTTO CHEMIE to match your need with product recommendations. We are here to help you at any time you need.  

我們 FDcd (Festive Decor Commercial Display Ltd.) 從2008年開始從事裝飾行業。我們與專業設計師合作頻密,理解什麼是對審美及對質量有要求。多年來裝飾經驗所得,加上客戶回饋故事分享,深切體會到真正質量優越產品,必須內外質素皆有水準。我們第一次接觸 OTTO CHEMIE 產品,其顏色選擇之豐富實在可用豔絶超群來形容。以我們裝飾專業角度來說,密封膠顏色之多之美絶對可以滿足到有要求的設計師。至於產品功能方面,德國製造業專業水準向來是世界認可。OTTO CHEMIE 每件產品之研發皆是針對用家及應用環境特定需要而設,絶非 one size fits all。其品質標準,是值得信賴的歐洲法定標準及歐洲所屬專科行業標準及要求。OTTO CHEMIE 產品數量過百之多,我們挑選了深受歡迎的一系列產品,向香港及澳門用家介紹。此外,OTTO CHEMIE 官網可以根據應用特定要求,給用家作出匹配的產品建議。歡迎隨時與向我們垂詢。

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