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Sealing Strip

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Direct import to HK 

德國製造  直接進口香港

Compound sealing, polyethylene sealing strip (DIN 18534)

聚乙烯防水卷材 符合 DIN 18534

Protective coating, Primer, Sealing Strip, Sealing Tape, Interior/Exterior Corner Tapes, Flexible Sealing, OTTOCOLL M500
EMICODE label is widely known and recognized all over the Europe. EC1 Plus classification certifies that the product that has the less volatile organic compounds.

Characteristics and supportive European standards


  1. Polyethylene sealing strip with double non-woven fabric 

  2. Watertight, complying with or conforming to European standards:

    1. water action categories W0-1, W1-1, W2-1 and W3-1 for tear class R1-I​ of DIN 18534​

    2. moisture resistance classes A0 and B0 according to ZDB information sheet, and A and C according to abP

    3. stress classes W1, W2, W3, W4, W5 and W6 according to ÖNORM B 3407 

    4. general building inspection certificated: panel-shaped seal in combination with tiles and board coverings for use as building sealant

  3. Has water retarding properties

  4. High practical stretching properties

  5. High crack bridging properties

  6. Resistance to aging and decomposition

  7. Good resistance to aqueous solutions of salt, acids, and alkaline solutions

  8. Alkaline resistant according to the test specifications of AbP Sealing in connection with tiles and slabs and of ETAG 022 (GUIDELINE FOR EUROPEAN TECHNICAL APPROVAL Of Watertight covering kits for wet room floors and or walls) 

  9. French VOC-emission class A

  10. EMICODE® EC 1 Plus - very low emission



In moisture-prone rooms and wet rooms, using the thin bed method to apply composite sealing underneath ceramic coverings under natural stone

Applicable in a variety of environments: bathrooms,​ shower rooms, edge areas of swimming pools, saunas,steam baths

Safe fastening of tile adhesive applied ​

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